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Disney Showcase Tinker Bell Ma

Regular price $75.00

Enesco's Disney Couture de Force collection celebrates the mystery and enchantment of a royal masquerade ball where villains and princesses mingle in delight. Tinker Bell (7 5/8" tall) hides behind a delicate butterfly mask that can rotate to show Tink's true beauty. Captain Hook (9" tall) hides behind his crocodile mask so Tinker Bell is none the wiser. Snow White (7 3/8" tall) hides behind her white dove mask, reflecting the innocence and beauty that is underneath. The Evil Queen (8 1/8" tall) hides behind her Hag mask so Snow White is none the wiser, and her mask rotates to reveal the queen's true beauty. Princess Aurora (8 1/8" tall) hides behind her mask depicting the sleepy night moon and dazzling stars. Maleficent (8 3/8" tall) holds a dragon mask with ribbon attachements that rotates to reveal her evil beauty.