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Dc Chess Collection The Comple

Regular price $495.00

Available in one package for the first time ever the entire DC New 52 Chess Set from the DC Comics Chess Collection. The set includes 32 unique figurines from the DC universe 16 heroes vs 16 villains plus a deluxe chessboard. Each of the figurines are 1:21 scale and cast in metallic polystone resin. White pieces: MARTIAN MANHUNTER AQUAMAN WONDER WOMAN SUPERMAN GREEN LANTERN BATMAN CYBORG THE FLASH GREEN ARROW SUPERGIRL HAWKMAN FIRESTORM BOOSTER GOLD ZATANNA SHAZAM POWER GIRL Black pieces: CHEETAH LEX LUTHOR REVERSE FLASH DOOMSDAY ATROCITUS THE JOKER DARKSEID ZOD BIZARRO DEATHSTROKE KILLER FROST BRAINIAC MANTA RAY DEADSHOT CAPTAIN COLD OCEAN MASTER